Momma knows best

Je Moeder (Dutch for Yo Momma) is the creative producer you’ve always been waiting for. I organize creative events from cradle to grave in whatever size or shape they might come: exhibitions, festivals, workshops, long-term art projects... From your first brain fart until the last lights go out: I’m here for you. Je Moeder is the connecting factor between all involved parties. I nag about deadlines (in a very loving way) and focus on tedious details no one wants to think about. I call, email, skype and visit anyone you need, expect the unexpected and (because life loves to throw curveballs) prepare for the worst. In short: I make sure everything runs smoothly and make your life easier. Just like your real momma.

what I do best

Event production

Organizing your event from A to Z. I'm there before, during and after the event. Finding partners, setting up a team, taking care of logistics and planning. Anything to make your event go as smooth as a baby's bottom.


It's what I do best: spreading the love. Making everyone feel welcome while providing food, transport and some motherly advice. I'm there for you, honey.

Artist handling

Je Moeder is your guiding light throughout the process. I organize traveling and accommodation and anything else you might need. Hell, I can even make you a packing list so you won't forget a single thing.

Who now?

Je Moeder is a one-womanshow led by Jacklyn Cornelisse. Trained as a visual artist, a natural in organizing.  Already during my studies I realized I have a talent for the production side of art. After this realization things started moving rather quickly. And – badabing, badaboom – here we are. Je Moeder.

I’ve worked on many projects both as initiator, artist and producer. This taught me (sometimes the hard way) all the kinks and hurdles a creative process has and I’m able to anticipate, adjust and keep my cool through the turmoil. I love diving into new adventures. Is yours a bit too big for one person? No problem. I've got a beautiful, experienced family of aunts, daughters and sons who are always in for a challenge.  

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Need some real momma lovin' ?

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